Hand-made design

"LA SCALA MILANO" is a brand with international circulation, present since 2008 with several exclusive collections (decorative panels, wall coverings, furnishings) characterized by:

- a production exclusively hand-made and made in Italy

- a contemporary design that is always looking for new materials and fittings, new decorative effects, new textures, unique and exclusive product solutions

With a decorative tradition, all Italian, settled in centuries of history, "LA SCALA MILANO" offers its products to designers, craftsmen and companies working in the field of interior design




Materia: Proposed as decorative panels or wall covering with materic effects.
They are arranged in extremely linear geometric or abstract compositions with excellent “match wall", presented in many different color shiny, metalized and opaque. The matter applies in concentrations, thicknesses, pauses, silences...

Metallic Panels: A metal sheet coupled on a support material fireproof material class one.
Backgrounds and splashes of color describe us the oxidation of copper, rust, gold, precious metals, decorative antique and contemporary.
Presented in three sizes of 48 cm, 24 cm, 12 cm, already ready, with the 'in-the-back-adhesive’, to become modular decoration elements on walls and furniture.

The laques: Collection 2014 proposes the preciousness of ancient laques.
Presented in the traditional version or a compositional structure "striped" in the typical colors of lacquers (Chinese red, black, ....) and a metal-iridescent version.

Precious Stones and Texture: Carrara marble, the alabaster, the travertine, texture cement and plaster are some of the variants, proposed as decorative panels or wall coverings, made of five or seven colors for each variant.

The Natural: A decorative panel, made up of a sheet of paper made by hand in our workshop, with fiber plant coupled to a base of fireproof material class one. At the natural paper overlap traditional decor and fine pigments gold, silver, copper and bronze to create a new texture unique and precious.
Presented in three sizes of 48 cm, 24 cm, 12 cm, already ready, with the 'adhesive in the back’, to become modular decoration elements on walls and items of furniture.