Our company was founded in 1982, as a family business, with the name
"The Manufacture of the paper”. In those years, besides us, in northern Italy between Milan and Turin, were operating about ten companies that produced wallpapers handmade.

In our workshop we worked alongside leading designers and editors of the national and international wall covering industry.
More than thirty years later, in 2008 (spent that 'exciting period’) our renovated company, managed by the second generation, comes with its own brand "LA SCALA MILANO".
In recent years we have done important research in the field of new materials and textures (both with traditional artifacts that new technical materials), managing to ensure a unique, high-quality handcrafted production
We work in the interior design with diversified products: wall covering, decorative panels and furnishings, strictly hand-made in Italy in our workshop.
Today, our products are widespread , nation to nation, from the most important distributors, operating in the field of luxury supply for interior architecture.